Meet Tweety Golf

We Want You to Sport Our Golf Wear On and Off the Course.

The idea for Tweety Golf grew the day Nick, a passionate golfer, invited his girl friend Sarah to the golf course. While Sarah was excited about joining Nick for a day out, she was equally thrilled about getting to shop for new golf clothing made for women — surely, she thought, there must be adorable, maybe irresistible clothing out there for such an occasion. But after spending a lot energy searching online and shopping in stores, Sarah found herself piecing together tops and skirts thatkind-ofworked but in no way were designed with golf in mind. During her quest for the perfect golf wear, she learned this was an issue many women faced.

Meet Tweety Golf.

Our vision for ultra chic, moveable, breathable golf apparel and accessories is rooted in the desire to bring luxury fashion to the course and give women permission to express their sporty side... to a tee. From collared tanks that show off your swing to skirts that highlight your personality, Tweety Golf welcomes women who want to feel and look fabulous while you're one upping the competition.

P.S. In case you are wondering, today Sarah loves the way she looks when she’s out on the course with her best girlfriends sharing in some quality course time looking TG fabulous.